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List Your Car With Us To Be Used In A Movie, Commercial or Print Ad.
It’ll take you about five minutes or less per car.
**Before listing your vehicle, please read our  FAQ**

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my car insured during filming?

It is insured for full value coverage from the moment it gets on set to the very end.

Does it get driven?

Typically most vehicles DON’T get driven on set, they’re used as background. Or, if they do get driven, it would always be by a qualified SAG Stunt Driver and the car might move 50 to 150 feet per scene it was being used in.

Does my car have to be a certain age?

No. Vehicles of all ages are needed. The need is dependent on the period of the film or TV show that it is being used for.

Does it have to be in mint condition?

Not at all. Cars in any condition may be used depending on the film requirements.

Do these “Stunt Drivers” do stunts with my car?

No. They drive safe and responsibly. If any “stunts”, that could damage the car, were called for the studio would do an outright purchase of a vehicle.

How, when, will I be paid for my car?

You’ll be paid in full when we pick your car up or you arrive on set with it for the complete number of days it’s planned to be used. The rate will vary based on the car, show, rarity, vintage and use of the car.

What about vehicles other than automobiles

Yes. We us all different kinds of vehicles. Motorcycles, buses, motor homes, taxis, trucks, military vehicles and more.

Do I have to provide insurance on my vehicle?

You only need maintain the insurance you currently carry on your vehicle. However, the production company insures the vehicle while it’s in use. If we transport your vehicle, we insure it during transport. We do a photo documentation of the vehicle before we deliver to the movie studio, so there is no question about what may have occurred on the set.